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Memphis, Tennessee's Leading Inpatient Hospital, with Comprehensive Care for Addiction, Mental Health, Medical & Surgical Needs

Why Choose Delta?

We focus on quality care in a warm and friendly environment. Our staff lead the way in their specialties to offer outstanding care with modern treatment practices. Moreover, we look beyond your stay at Delta, focusing on creating a treatment plan that ensures your health long after you leave one of our programs.


The doctors and nurses at Delta Medical Center offered exceptional guidance through our family’s tough times. We are forever grateful.

- Chris T

Welcome to Delta Med Center

Delta Med Center offers inpatient and outpatient hospital care in the greater Memphis, Tennessee area. As a top specialty-referral hospital, we dedicate ourselves to being a center for excellence in providing surgery, a 7am-7pm emergency department, acute medical care, and behavioral health medicine.
Our hospital offers a wide variety of services to our patients - both inpatient and outpatient care. The Delta Med Center focuses on quality care delivered in a warm and friendly environment.
Our center for drug and alcohol addiction and mental health is one of the best in the Memphis and West Tennessee area, offering many specialized services. including: geriatric life skills unit designed for seniors who are experiencing difficulties with depression, dementia, or other age related concerns; a behavioral health program designed for those individuals who need treatment for depression, anxiety, neurologic disorders and other mental health issues a chemical Dependency and detox unit for patients that need help with both addiction and depression.

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