The Pain Center

Pain CenterEvery facet of one’s life can be compromised by chronic pain.  From the break-up of a marriage to total destruction of a family unit, simply put pain is a devastator of life.  Many of the 100 million   pain sufferers become addicted to the very drugs that once seemed to help them get through the day.  The professionals at The Pain Center at Delta understand that getting back to the real you is a tough road to travel.  They are ready to partner with you on this journey.  From non-invasive procedures like medical management, education and counseling to more invasive procedures like occipital nerve blocks, our trained staff will work side by side with you to determine your best course of treatment.  It’s as easy as a phone call to schedule the appointment that could change your life forever.

Dean Harless M.D. and James Litton, NP lead the team of Professionals at the Pain Center.

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