Philosophy & Vision


It is the philosophy of Delta Med Center that the success of the hospital depends upon the effectiveness of its individual employees. It is Delta Med Center’s objective to provide a climate that will attract and retain high caliber people committed to the hospital’s goal of delivering quality care.

This goal is achieved by:

  1. Establishing relationships that will make the hospital an enjoyable place to work
  2. Ensuring that all employees are treated equally and with respect
  3. Encouraging high expectations rewarded by open communications
  4. Providing a feeling of cooperation built on trust and confidence
  5. Recognizing individual employee achievements

We expect our employees to be an integral part of our team. Your cooperation in the team effort is one of the most significant contributing factors that will make Delta Med Center a success and a fun place to work.


Delta Medical Center will excel as the community hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees by:

  1. Continuously improving the quality and maximizing the value of our services;
  2. Exemplifying service excellence by exceeding customer expectations;
  3. Continuously rethinking, reshaping and refining solutions to healthcare challenges.